America Next Top Model Makeovers

May 2, 2014
The 11 worst makeovers in

We can not accept is as true. The finish is here now. Yesterday, Tyra Banks broke this news that whenever 22 cycles and endless smizes, America's Next Top Model is finally packing its bags and heading home. She authored on Instagram: "TYRA MAIL! Thinking #ANTM #cycle22 ought to be our last cycle. Yeah, I really believe it is time. Our die-hard fans know we have broadened the phrase beauty, presented what Flawsome is, tooched and booched and boom boom grown, proven the planet how you can show their neck, rocked couture/catalog/commercial poses, have discovered our (as well as your) light, strutted numerous fashion runways, gone on a lot of go-sees, added men towards the women mix, and also have traveled around the world and again. Yeah, it is time. It truly is. Wow, I'm SO happy with what Top Model has been doing.Inch

Now, whenever we first heard this news, i was all like:

However the idea is gradually sinking in—after all, the number of more stunts and new terms may possibly remain after standing on air for 12 years?—and we recognized, hey, this provides us the right excuse to look at old ANTM clips at the office all day long. While you will find clearly a lot of things worth reminiscing (Jade and also the cockroach! Lisa and also the diaper! Anything Melrose stated ever!), at Lipstick, there is nothing we loved greater than a good transformation episode. We chuckled, we cried from laughing, so we really truly felt for that girl who needed to lose a feet of hair as the model alongside her only got highlights.

So grab some popcorn and sit back, because we have put together probably the most memorable transformation moments. We are warning you: You might like to create a while with this. Top Model marathons were the initial binge-watching.

And Catie, also from Cycle 2, were built with a difficult time modifying to her "Oliver Twist" pixie, but Tyra was there to comfort her.

Cassandra from Cycle 5 am upset about her haircut, she left your competition entirely. "I must be myself within this competition, and understanding that, I believe Used to do that which was right over time. Which includes not letting people change generate income am, " she stated.

Jaeda from Cycle 7 freaked out when Tyra revealed she was obtaining the Halle Berry treatment. However it looked so great on her behalf! (Jump to six:45 within the clip doing have it stop.) Meanwhile, we wager you totally didn't remember Melrose wasn't initially a blond. Because we sure did.

In Cycle 8, Jael sitting for eight hrs right to get her extensions in—only to become relayed through Mr. J they looked awful and needed to emerge. Models maintained to obtain a little catty around transformation time (OK, that's an understatement), but everybody in the home had sympathy on her.

Alexandria on Cycle 16 wasn't okay using the extensions they gave her. (The experience begins around 4:40.)

Although not every transformation brought to some large meltdown. On Cycle 17, Alexandria really wept for pleasure (towards the annoyance of her castmates) because she loved her edgy graduated bob and rocker-chick bangs a lot. Sigh, we are likely to miss this show.

America s Next Top Model Cycle 3 Makeover
America s Next Top Model Cycle 3 Makeover
American Next Top Model Makeover
American Next Top Model Makeover
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