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July 8, 2017
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AntmAmerica's Next Top Model has provided us a lot.

From famous reactions ("I had been rooting for you personally! I was all rooting for you personally!Inch), to smizing, to tooching the booty, Tyra Banks' reality competition series continues to be blessing TV screens with memorable drama since 2003. But alas, great things must ended: Top Model's final episode airs Friday around the CW at 9 p.m. ET.

Once we think back in the show's 22 seasons — sorry, cycles — you're ready to recall the bad, along with the good. You heard right: We are speaking about all of the amazingly awful refurbishments of ANTM years past. From terrible bleaching jobs to beard weaves, listed here are the truly worst looks we have seen.

1. Two words: Beard weave

denzelDenzel's faux beard.

Oh, you did not think a weave was feasible for hair on your face? Reconsider. In cycle 21, Denzel Wells was handed a complete-on beard weave, such as the kind you'd put on to have an Abraham Lincoln subsequently Costume.

2. A larger gap for Chelsey

Chelsey Hersley pre and post.

There is nothing wrong with getting a niche involving the front teeth — but getting surgical tools right into a transformation to boost that gap may be going outrageous. On Cycle 15, Banks sent contestant Chelsey Hersley towards the dental professional to widen a previously-existing gap, all to be able to offer her a far more Lauren Hutton look.

3. Brit's weave from hell

Brit's huge hair.

On Season 8, contestant Brittany Hatch was treated to among the fugliest weaves in Top Model history. Initially a brief-haired brunette, her transformation incorporated an auburn dye job along with a thick, yarn-like weave that puffed out the moment she was from professional salon hands.

chelsey4. Kari's ultra-blond look

Cycle 21 contestant Kari Calhoun was changed right into a blonde alien on her transformation, from hair to eye brows — and never in a great way.

5. Saleisha's Beatles bob

Saleisha pre and post.

Saleisha Stowers joined your competition searching too commercial for Tyra's taste. So Banks thought the easiest method to result in the Cycle 9 contestant (and supreme champion) more designer ended up being to offer her this bowl cut/bob hybrid that held on her mind just like a sad mushroom.

6. Michelle's miserable bleach job

Michelle inside a scene from Episode 5.

brit hatchThis may have been probably the most painful bleach jobs in ANTM history. Michelle Deighton of Cycle 4 was at physical discomfort in the concentration of the bleach, also it was torturous to help keep the dye job fresh through the season.

7. Cassandra's pixie cut

The haircut itself was fine, however it can certainly be described as a terrible transformation whether it results in a girl giving up the whole show. Poor Cassandra Jean of Cycle 5 felt like she had been transformed too much, so she wound up departing altogether.

8. Ann's puzzling highlights

Ann's hair pre and post.

Cycle 3 contestant Ann Markley had stylish, brownish hair when she walked to the ANTM set. When she left, she'd ash blonde highlights throughout her 'do which had no rhyme or reason.

9. Laura LaFrate's loyal streaks

Laura pre and post.

Banks directed her inner Anglophile throughout the Cycle 18's "British Invasion" designed season, bleaching Laura LaFrate's hair and dip-dying it in wonderfully tacky blue and red-colored streaks.

10. Molly's monster weave

Molly has ended it.

Cycle 16 contestant Molly O'Connell performed location of the show's greatest, most overwhelming weave ever. The spaghetti-esque creation am bad it really needed to get removed after 1 week.

11. Shei Phan meets Cruella p Vil

Banks came inspiration from the certain Disney villain for Cycle 21 contestant Shei Phan's look. By itself, it's type of a awesome look — however the matching bleached eyebrow is a little much.

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