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March 21, 2014
Mens Fashion Summer 2014

You will find no great surprises this spring. They fortunately didn’t all of a sudden decide we ought to be putting on small-crinis, suits of armour or fascinators nor did they use the dystopia of Hunger Games: Mockingjay for inspiration. Actually, you'll most likely be relieved to understand the usual, but welcome, suspects have returned on the rail in your area:

50 shades of blue, instead of gray, exist for the delectation this spring. Which are only able to be great news for myriad reasons: blue is fresh, slimming, simple to put on and complements everything. Hoorah.

There’s numerous of jeans around. And it is searching very workwear: more chain-gang than chi-chi this spring. For that loftier among you, there's also an array of loose cut, longer fit, soft jeans jackets – the appearance more artist’s studio than studio room. Try them.

Another easy win may be the cent loafer. The loafer is really a spring classic, worn without or with socks, and complements just about anything: formal pants, beach shorts, all. The only real factor it has a tendency to clash with is really a rotund ankle. Sorry, but it’s best to tell the truth.

Florals. Again. I understand, can’t they think about something totally new around the pattern front? But, to become fair, florals only designed a comeback about two summer season ago and they’ve been a massive retail success: in the end, they're relatively happy to behold, and never as “poofy” to put on as you may imagine. You may either choose fluttering florals in your linen t shirts, or perhaps a hardcore floral (wooh! frightening!) in your Givenchy sportswear.

Back, too, may be the printed T-shirt. One other popular summer time number... although I am not convinced to tell the truth. That could just be because I am not youthful and thin enough to find a way with one or it may be just because a plain whitened or navy T-shirt from J Crew is unequalled. I simply can’t imagine James Dean or Marlon Brando searching quite as good if they’d swapped their whitened T-t shirts for any geometric print one by Raf Simons.

You will find some more recent trends joining their list, too. Even though the more bald eagle-eyed of you'll have noted them a couple of times before.

Baggy pants, as formerly reported, still flap back to fashion. Pleats abound in the waist, fabric larger around the sides, however the cut still looking after shed weight if this gets near the ankle.

Performance put on. I am not sure when or why performance put on kidnapped sportswear. I guess sportswear, particularly around the region, means costly casualwear instead of spend suits and gratifaction materials aren’t always employed for sporting activities only. But sports-inspired casualwear continues to be popular. With valid reason: it feels and looks good, and serves an objective. That is type of what clothes are meant to do, really.

The “sports sandal” is really a less welcome addition towards the performance/sportswear family. Essentially, a strappy sandal having a sneaker-style sole. Since sandals are suitable for holidays and weekends, I am not sure why you’d require a pair you are able to run in. But designers think otherwise... possibly they need to enable you to arrive at the front from the queue to have an frozen treats.

Finally, and i believe I’m coming round to that one, there’s the safari jacket. These happen to be residual around the fringes of favor for some time now and quite clearly refuse to stop. Clearly, the very first factor that springs in your thoughts is either I’m a high profile Get Me From Here (or, possibly, Using this), or Roger Moore’s debonair but dated Mr Bond. But, to become fair, It finds its means by 2015. The current-day safari jacket no more has flapping collars along with a cumbersome waist nor will it are available in unattractive shades of sand. The brand new versions are slim-cut, in additional technical-look materials and colors, and appear good with dark jeans on the T-shirt instead of with matching pants along with a cravat. I might try one this spring. But for the time being, it’s a mug of cacao along with a onesie for me personally. Brrrr!

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